Curriculum Pack

GreenApple STEM Curriculum Packs are the customized STEM and STEAM solution sized to meet your goals. Digital eLearning accessible by any device with access to the internet. License just the GreenApple STEM courses you need or license the whole library.
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STEM60 Activity Pack

STEM60 is a STEM Mini Course Activity Pack, or series of hands on STEM and STEAM activities, each taking 60 minutes or less, ideal for learning centers, schools, and organizations.
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STEM or STEAM Camp Builder

Summer Camps can be the most profitable time of the year for camp providers and an important revenue stream for schools or organizations. Launch your Summer 2019 STEM or STEAM camps with Summer STEM or STEAM Camp Builder.
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Custom Solution

Ready to grow your STEM education offering or add to your Learning Center? GreenApple develops custom curriculum, workshops or events. Customized for age groups, content area, language or format. Have an idea? We can help you build it!
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